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What will you learn in a free webinar?

  • How to Connect with Angels in Just 2 Minutes.
  • How to Raise Your Vibration, and Tap into the Fairy Frequency.
  • How to Keep a Mermaid Diary.

FREE COURSE: A World Where Practical Tools Meet Mystical Wisdom, a Whimsical Journey Towards Spiritual Connection and Emotional Balance

What will you learn in a free course?

  • How to overcome skepticism, doubt, fears, and blocks to embrace angelic healing and messages
  • How to connect with angelic and elemental energies
  • How to trust your intuition

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Hi, my name’s Conny. I am a licensed and certified Transpersonal Psychologist, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Art, Dance & Music Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Meditation Music Composer, Natural Medicine Therapist, Meditation Expert, Theta Healing Practitioner, Angel Healing Teacher, and head and founder of Health Center Harmony in Croatia.

Dive into the mystical with the free offerings of "Celestial Beginnings" course and the enlightening webinar, "Uncover the Enchanting Secrets of the Angel-Fairy-Mermaid Realm"

Crafted for seekers, dreamers, and anyone yearning for a spiritual anchorage, these complimentary trainings are my heartfelt contribution to a world in dire need of healing and higher vibrational existence.

"Celestial Beginnings" is a gentle invitation for beginners to embrace the angelic-fairy-mermaid realms, offering basic yet potent practices to integrate celestial magic into daily life. The webinar is a profound step towards forging a divine camaraderie with your angels, fairies, and mermaids, unlocking a higher vibrational plane of existence.

These offerings emanate from a profound wish to disseminate sacred knowledge, to ignite the luminous spark of divine connection within every willing heart. By making these trainings complimentary, I aim to manifest a ripple of spiritual awakening, healing, and transformation, unbounded by financial constraints. Your celestial journey towards enlightenment, empowerment, and serenity awaits, unfurling a path adorned with angelic whispers and fairy-tale magic.


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How to Ask Your Angel for Guidance?

There are times in your life when you reach a critical point where you need help. If you have created a good bond with your guardian angels, it is possible to ask them for guidance and support in tough decisions.

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