Enroll in 'Celestial Beginnings', and let the angelic, fairy, and mermaid realms unlock a sanctuary of healing, wonder, and transformation within you.

Learn Basic and Practical Healing Steps

Transcend the ordinary with 'Celestial Beginnings', as you explore an enchanted realm where angels, fairies, and mermaids illuminate the path to healing and self-discovery.

Ever felt a gentle tug towards the unseen, a whisper of magic amidst the mundane, or a calling from the celestial realms?

There's a mystical path awaiting your steps, a journey into the heart of angelic, fairy, and mermaid realms, where every flutter of wings, every shimmering scale, unveils a wellspring of healing and spiritual enlightenment.

Pause for a moment and imagine shedding the heavy cloak of earthly skepticism, to embrace a world where celestial beings guide you through life's thickets, offering a well of serenity amid the swirling chaos.

Now, let this not just be a fleeting thought, but an attainable reality. An exploration filled with the whisper of angelic wisdom, the playful dance of fairies, and the gentle flow of mermaid energies awaiting to guide you through a transformation from skepticism to a heartful embrace of celestial magic.

You're invited to step onto this magical path with "Celestial Beginnings", a FREE course meticulously crafted to be the bridge between the yearning of your earthly existence and the serene wisdom of celestial realms. It's a call to the curious souls, the seekers of mystic truths, ready to dive into an ocean of celestial learning, to emerge with hearts light and spirits free.

Through a cascade of guided practices, comprehensive explorations, and practical tools, "Celestial Beginnings" empowers you to dance to the rhythm of mystical realms while firmly grounded in the practicality of daily living. Discover how to seamlessly weave angel-fairy-mermaid healing into the tapestry of your days, guiding your steps with celestial wisdom, and illuminating your world with ethereal light.

The veil between the seen and unseen is but a breath away. With "Celestial Beginnings", that veil is lifted, revealing a realm where profound healing and everyday life dance in a beautiful, eternal embrace.

Your quest for spiritual empowerment, emotional balance, and a deep celestial connection begins here. And guess what? It's all FREE. So, are you ready to answer the gentle whisper of the celestial calling?

You're here because you're ready to transcend skepticism and embrace the transformative potential of angel-fairy-mermaid healing.

Whether facing doubt from within or external sources, you seek a profound connection with angelic messages and spiritual guidance.

Amid the hustle of life, you're actively seeking practical tools to heal emotionally, manage stress, and find harmony. Your goal is to nurture your intuition, achieve emotional equilibrium, and gain clear insights for empowered decision-making.

Picture a life where you confidently navigate your journey, guided by intuition and surrounded by emotional balance. Welcome to a path of spiritual growth, vibrant energy, and unwavering support.

Who Am I and How Do I Know This?

My name is Conny Petö Đeneš, and I stand as a testament to the transformative power of embracing your inner light. Just like you, I've walked the path of seeking emotional harmony and profound healing. I've explored the depths of spiritual wisdom, from Theta Healing to angelic insights, to unearth the keys to personal growth and self-discovery.

I've dedicated my life to guiding souls, like yours, toward the radiance that resides within. For the past 30 years, I have been immersed in the exploration of spiritual awakening, personal growth, and extensive education in various fields of psychology, healing, and natural medicine. Having conducted thousands of one-on-one healings, I am now prepared to share my wisdom through online courses.

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My encounter and experience with Conny begin at the most difficult time of my life, a period that completely changed me and my life. I can freely say if it wasn’t for Conny I certainly wouldn’t be such a happy, calm, and fulfilled person today. I started very skeptical and mostly because I didn’t see another way out, but I was aware that I need help. Skepticism was soon replaced by great confidence and faith because I saw how much better I felt over time. It’s hard for me to describe all the transformation I experienced, Conny did a miracle. I started to love life, to love myself. Not only me but all the people around me have seen the change in me, that I radiate positivity, that I change myself. I cannot say that the path was easy, neither short nor that it’s complete, but created desire and persistence is much stronger....

- Katarina Devcic Kitrica, Croatia

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Transcend earthly skepticism as you step into a magical exploration of celestial healing realms!

By the End of the Course

  • Elevate your vibrational essence, opening doors to a revitalized, healing presence within.
  • Cultivate a seamless connection with the Divine and angelic realms, embarking on a continual dialogue with the celestial.
  • Master the enchanting practice of receiving precise angelic messages, guidance, and inspiration using Angelic Cards as your mystical gateway.
  • Deepen your alliance with the angelic realm, fostering your intuitive gifts, achieving emotional harmony, and confidently assuming your empowering role as an angel card reader.
  • Learn basic daily practices that form a bridge between the celestial wisdom and your earthly existence, nurturing a routine that is as mystical as it is grounded.
  • Empower yourself to navigate life's meandering paths, make insightful decisions, and provide a beacon of guidance for both your personal journey and those who seek your celestial insight.

Explore the mystical corridors of "Celestial Beginnings", where each step is accompanied by the gentle whispers of angels, leading you towards a life imbued with purpose, tranquility, and deep-seated fulfillment.

Embark on a divine exploration through 9 lessons, unlocking the healing energies of angels, fairies, and mermaids!

9 Video Lessons with Transcripts

  • Welcome to the Course - Introduction
  • Overcoming Skepticism, Doubt, Fears, and Blocks to Embrace Angelic Healing and Messages
  • Exploring the Magic of Transpersonal Angel-Fairy-Mermaid Healing
  • Unveiling Mystical Realms: Connecting with Angelic Energies
  • Your First Angelic Spread
  • Embracing the Healing Power of Nature: Fairies and Elemental Energies
  • Journeying with Mermaids: Healing Waters and Inner Transformation
  • Trusting Your Intuition: Navigating Inner Guidance
  • Daily Integration Practices


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