Awaken Your Inner Healer: Join 'Healing Whisperers' and Embrace the Enchanting Realm of

Transpersonal Angel-Fairy-Mermaid Healing.

Ready to infuse daily life with magic? Incorporate angel-fairy-mermaid healing into your routine, letting its enchanting practices elevate your days.

Are you ready to unlock the profound magic of spiritual healing? Have you ever yearned for a deeper connection to your inner self and a sense of emotional equilibrium? Picture this: one moment, you're seeking purpose and clarity, and the next, you're swept up in the unpredictable currents of life.

If this resonates with you, rest assured that you're not alone on this transformative journey.

We've all stood at the crossroads of seeking spiritual enlightenment while navigating the complexities of everyday life. That bridge between your aspirations and the practical tools you need is real, and I'm here to guide you across it.

But let me ask you something even more important: have you ever sensed that certain patterns are holding you back? Are you weary of the grip of stress, the struggle of decision-making, and the disconnect from your authentic purpose?

Even when you give your best effort, those patterns persist, and breaking free can feel like an uphill climb.

Yet here's the inspiring truth: there is a path beyond these challenges, a path illuminated by divine guidance and the awakening of your intuition.

Welcome to "Healing Whisperers - Transpersonal Angel Fairy Mermaid Healing." This transformative journey is tailor-made for soul-aligned individuals like you, seeking to restore equilibrium, awaken intuition, and confidently navigate life's twists.

Imagine a world where angelic wisdom intertwines with practical tools, leading you toward a life of purpose, tranquility, and soulful fulfillment. The journey begins now.

Are you ready to embrace the enchanting realm of healing whispers and step into a life of spiritual connection, emotional balance, and inner guidance? Your transformative odyssey awaits.

You're here because you're seeking empowerment, ready to steer your healing journey and claim ownership of your well-being.

Whether facing doubt from within or external sources, you're drawn to the transformative potential of celestial energies and mystical guidance.

Amid the pace of life, you actively seek practical tools to heal emotionally, rejuvenate your energy, and find harmony within. Your goal is to nurture your intuition, find emotional equilibrium, and uncover clear insights that empower your journey.

You're here because you're craving inner peace, a tranquil oasis amidst life's storms—a sanctuary within your own being. Determined to unearth your authentic self, your journey is one of self-discovery, where the clarity of purpose guides each step. Aspiring to awaken your spiritual essence, you seek to deepen your connection with the divine and enrich your soul.

Envision a life where you confidently navigate each twist and turn, guided by the whispers of angels, fairies, and mermaids. Welcome to a transformative path of spiritual growth, vibrant energy, and unwavering support in the realm of "Healing Whisperers."

Who Am I and How Do I Know This?

My name is Conny Petö Đeneš, and I stand as a testament to the transformative power of embracing your inner light. Just like you, I've walked the path of seeking emotional harmony and profound healing. I've explored the depths of spiritual wisdom, from transpersonal psychology and theta healing to angelic insights, to unearth the keys to personal growth and self-discovery.

I've dedicated my life to guiding souls, like yours, toward the radiance that resides within. For the past 30 years, I have been immersed in the exploration of spiritual awakening, personal growth, and extensive education in various fields of psychology, healing, and natural medicine. Having conducted thousands of one-on-one healings, I am now prepared to share my wisdom through online courses.

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My encounter and experience with Conny begin at the most difficult time of my life, a period that completely changed me and my life. I can freely say if it wasn’t for Conny I certainly wouldn’t be such a happy, calm, and fulfilled person today. I started very skeptical and mostly because I didn’t see another way out, but I was aware that I need help. Skepticism was soon replaced by great confidence and faith because I saw how much better I felt over time. It’s hard for me to describe all the transformation I experienced, Conny did a miracle. I started to love life, to love myself. Not only me but all the people around me have seen the change in me, that I radiate positivity, that I change myself. I cannot say that the path was easy, neither short nor that it’s complete, but created desire and persistence is much stronger....

- Katarina Devcic Kitrica, Croatia

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Begin Your Healing Journey with the Whisperings of Angels, Fairies, and Mermaids!

When you embark on a path to profound spiritual alignment, emotional harmony, and life-changing insights, you'll:

  • Empower Yourself for Balance: Find tools to conquer stress and reconnect with your spirituality, achieving emotional equilibrium.
  • Reclaim Your Inner Harmony: Overcome overwhelm and emotional turmoil, gaining tools that nurture your well-being and empower your spiritual journey.
  • Solutions for a Radiant Life: Tackle stress and emotional struggles head-on, embracing practices that restore your vitality and lead to emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Holistic Well-Being Made Simple: Say goodbye to stress and disconnect, and say hello to tools that not only manage daily challenges but also deepen your spiritual connection.
  • Elevate Your Every Day: Uncover mindfulness and angel-fairy healing techniques that revolutionize how you navigate stress, reconnect with your emotions, and enhance your spirituality.
  • From Strain to Serenity: Discover transformative practices that help you thrive despite life's demands, fostering emotional resilience and spiritual alignment.
  • Unleash Inner Peace: Implement tools that dissolve stress, bolster emotional stability, and infuse your life with purpose, transcending the chaos and embracing tranquility.

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24/7 Lifetime Access. Work at Your Own Pace.

By the End of the Course

  • How to embrace the enchanting realm of angel-fairy-mermaid healing with confidence.
  • Techniques to overcome skepticism and tap into the transformative potential of celestial energies.
  • Practical strategies to seamlessly integrate healing practices into your daily routine.
  • Methods for maintaining consistency in your healing journey for lasting results.
  • Ways to cultivate a deep and meaningful spiritual connection through angelic energies.
  • Tools to achieve emotional balance, inner harmony, and a sense of tranquility.
  • How to navigate life's challenges with resilience and empowered decision-making.
  • Insights into fostering personal growth, transformation, and spiritual alignment.
  • The art of harnessing angelic, fairy, and mermaid energies for holistic well-being.
  • Strategies to infuse your life with magic, positivity, and a profound sense of purpose.

Answer the call of your soul and let the guiding whispers of angels shape your journey towards a life of purpose and contentment.

When you join me on a journey toward deeper spiritual connection, emotional balance, and meaningful life insights, you’ll get full access to:

Module 1: Introduction to the Enchanted Realms

  • Welcome to the Healing Whisperers
  • Navigating the Path: Addressing skepticism and doubts through historical insights and scientific validations.
  • Anchoring Your Practice: Techniques to integrate angel-fairy-mermaid healing seamlessly into your daily routine.
  • What is Transpersonal Angel-Fairy-Mermaid Healing?
  • Who is this course for?
  • Your Role as an Angelic Healer
  • God – He, She, or It?
  • Difference Between Religion & Spirituality
  • Angelology - Angels & Religion
  • Angelology - Angels & Spirituality
  • Angelology - Angels & Quantum Physics
  • Angelology - Angels & Psychology
  • Are There Fallen Angles & Evil Fairies?
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Transpersonal Therapies

Module 2: Awakening the Enchanted Healer Within: Mystical Realms & Our Divine Design

  • Recognizing Skepticism: Acknowledging inner skepticism and nurturing self-belief through self-reflection exercises
  • Reconnecting with Magic: Guided meditations to dissolve doubts and awaken your innate connection to mystical energies
  • Mystical Realms & Our Divine Design
  • Three Bodies & Five Aura Layers
  • Dimensions and States of Consciousness
  • The 5th Dimension
  • Dimensions & Realms of Reality
  • The Angelic Realms
  • The Elemental Realms
  • BONUS: Healing Temple and how to access it? (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Sacred Ancient Places (Value: €47)

Module 3: Dancing with Angels, Fairies, and Mermaids

  • Strengthening Connection: Practices to establish a profound connection with angelic, fairy, and mermaid energies
  • Empowering Through Knowledge: Educational content to empower you in countering external skepticism
  • Angels
  • Types of Angels (9 Choirs of Angels)
  • Archangels
  • Guardian Angels
  • Mary – Queen of Angels
  • Earth Angels – Lightworkers
  • The Five Elements & Elementals
  • Fairies – Angels of Nature & Animals
  • Types of Fairies
  • BONUS: Elves (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Unicorns & Pegasus (Value: €47)
  • Mermaids & Sirens – Angles of Water
  • Types of Mermaids
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Ascended Masters (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Avatars (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Saints & Yogis (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Devas (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Star People (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Valkyries (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Apsaras & Gandharvas (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Wizards & Sorceresses (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Dragons (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Spiritual Beings - Sacred Animals (Value: €47)

Module 4: Angelic Healing Methods

  • Nurturing Consistency: Ritual customization and time-management strategies to ensure consistent practice
  • Rituals for Integration: Guided practices to help seamlessly infuse healing energies into your daily activities
  • Connecting with the Source
  • Energy Healing Visualizations with Directed Prayers
  • Self-Healing Meditation with the Help of Archangel Raphael
  • Healing Others Meditation (Sending healing to someone) with the Help of Archangel Barachiel
  • The Healing Accelerator with Jesus, Guided Meditation
  • The Healing Temple - Heal with Ancient Healers and Archangel Raphael
  • Finding the Fountain of Youth with the Archangel Jophiel
  • Grounding & Energetic Protection
  • Grounding Guided Meditation
  • Divine Love, Light, and Orb Color Healing
  • Angel Numbers & Frequencies
  • Sound Therapy with Sacred and Angel Frequencies
  • BONUS: Writing to Angels (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Crystal Healing (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Angel Crystals (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Fairy Crystals (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Mermaid Crystals & Shells (Value: €47)
  • Receiving Messages
  • BONUS: About Angelic Affirmations (Value: €47)
  • BONUS: Angelic Affirmations (Value: €47)
  • Cultivate An Attitude of Gratitude
  • BONUS: Gratitude Guided Meditation (Value: €47)

Module 5: Navigating the Ebb and Flow of Emotions

  • Anchoring Emotional Resilience: Techniques to transform doubts and uncertainties into emotional strength
  • Finding Balance: Guided practices for emotional well-being that can be incorporated into busy schedules
  • Restoring Emotional Balance – Guided Meditation
  • Returning Soul Fragments, Integrations, and Centering
  • Retrieving Soul Fragments, Guided Meditation
  • Connect to Joy With the Help of Fairies
  • Find Your Island of Peace With the Help of Archangel Gabriel
  • Release Anxiety With the Help of Archangel Orion

Module 6: Reconnecting with Intuition and Higher Wisdom

  • Cultivating Self-Trust: Techniques to foster trust in your ability to receive angelic guidance and insights
  • Affirming Your Connection: Visualization exercises to strengthen your belief in your intuitive capacities
  • Opening Heart Chakra & Connecting with Spiritual Heart
  • Opening Spiritual Heart, Guided Meditation
  • Activating Your Authentic Vibration and Connecting with Your Miracles, Guided Meditation
  • Developing Your Intuitive Skills & Psychic Abilities
  • Third Eye Awakening Guided Meditation

Module 7: Crafting Your Enchanted Healing Practice

  • Building Community: Creating a supportive space where doubts can be openly addressed and shared
  • Ritual Customization: Tailoring practices to your personal rhythms to ensure successful integration
  • Preparing for Healing Sessions
  • Facilitating Angelic Healing for Yourself and Others

Module 8: Reconnecting with Intuition and Higher Wisdom

  • Transformation Through Sharing: Sharing your journey with fellow Healing Whisperers to inspire and counter skepticism
  • Embracing Your Role: Nurturing your potential to guide others on their enchanting healing paths
  • Transpersonal Meditation for Everyday
  • Raise Your Vibration with the Nine Choirs of Angels
  • Connecting with Christ Consciousness Through Archangel Christel
  • Awakening Earth Angel Healer in You and Remembering Your Connection to Heaven
  • Value Your Uniqueness and Embrace Your Truth with the Help of Archangel Uriel
  • Make Protection from Negative Energies with the help of Archangel Michael

Module 9: Certification and Beyond

  • Mastery and Celebration: Recognizing your growth and proficiency in angel-fairy-mermaid healing techniques
  • Beyond Doubts: Expanding your exploration of these mystical energies through continued learning
  • Certificate

Extra Bonuses

  • Lightworker Activation - Receiving an Angelic Halo, Tune into Angelic Frequency (Value: €87)
  • Cleanse and Neutralize Negative Karma (Value: €87)
  • Activate Dormant Parts of Your Spiritual DNA (Value: €87)
  • Activate 3 Eternal Molecules - Prana, Ojas, and Tejas (Value: €87)

Module 10: Bonuses

  • 1111 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 2222 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 3333 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 4444 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 5555 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 6666 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 7777 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 8888 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • 9999 Hz Angel Music Meditation, Angelic Sound Bath (Value: €87)
  • Fairy Healing Music 432 Hz + Relaxing Nature Sounds (Value: €87)
  • Mermaid Healing Music 528 Hz + Ocean Healing Music (Value: €87)
  • Heal with Archangel Raphael, Healing Guided Meditation (Value: €87)
  • Connecting to your ancestors through the angels (Value: €87)
  • Guardian Angel Protection, Healing Guided Meditation (Value: €87)
  • Angelic Templates for Angel Diary (Value: €87)



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