Craft Your Destiny: Enroll in 'Guided by Angels' – Your Expedition to Intuitive Mastery, Emotional Renewal, and Lifelong Spiritual Wisdom.

Empowering Journey to Soul-Aligned Guidance

Transform your life by embracing your intuitive gifts, finding emotional harmony,

and confidently embracing your role as an angel card reader!

Let me ask you something...

Have you ever felt a yearning for deeper spiritual connection and emotional balance? One moment you're seeking clarity and purpose, and the next, you're caught in the whirlwind of life's uncertainties.

In your heart, you know there's a way to find the tranquility and guidance you seek. A way to tap into your inner wisdom, connect with angelic energies, and illuminate your path with meaningful insights.

If this resonates with you, know that you're not alone.

Many of us have stood at this crossroads, yearning for a bridge between our spiritual aspirations and practical tools for navigating life's complexities.

I'm here to assure you, that bridge exists.

But let me ask you this – have you noticed how certain patterns seem to hold you back?

Do you find yourself grappling with stress, struggling to make decisions, or feeling disconnected from your true purpose?

Despite your best efforts, these patterns persist, and breaking free can seem like an uphill battle.

The truth is, there is a way to transcend these challenges and embrace a life infused with divine guidance and empowered intuition.

Welcome to "Guided by Angels" – a transformational journey that empowers soul-aligned women like you to reclaim balance, ignite intuition, and confidently navigate life's twists and turns.

Are you ready to step onto a path where angelic wisdom and practical tools converge, leading you to a life filled with purpose, serenity, and soulful fulfillment? Your journey begins here.

You're here because you're ready to transcend skepticism and embrace the transformative potential of angel-fairy healing.

Whether facing doubt from within or external sources, you seek a profound connection with angelic messages and spiritual guidance.

Amid the hustle of life, you're actively seeking practical tools to heal emotionally, manage stress, and find harmony. Your goal is to nurture your intuition, achieve emotional equilibrium, and gain clear insights for empowered decision-making.

Picture a life where you confidently navigate your journey, guided by intuition and surrounded by emotional balance. Welcome to a path of spiritual growth, vibrant energy, and unwavering support.

Who Am I and How Do I Know This?

My name is Conny Petö Đeneš, and I stand as a testament to the transformative power of embracing your inner light. Just like you, I've walked the path of seeking emotional harmony and profound healing. I've explored the depths of spiritual wisdom, from Theta Healing to angelic insights, to unearth the keys to personal growth and self-discovery.

I've dedicated my life to guiding souls, like yours, toward the radiance that resides within. For the past 30 years, I have been immersed in the exploration of spiritual awakening, personal growth, and extensive education in various fields of psychology, healing, and natural medicine. Having conducted thousands of one-on-one healings, I am now prepared to share my wisdom through online courses.

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My encounter and experience with Conny begin at the most difficult time of my life, a period that completely changed me and my life. I can freely say if it wasn’t for Conny I certainly wouldn’t be such a happy, calm, and fulfilled person today. I started very skeptical and mostly because I didn’t see another way out, but I was aware that I need help. Skepticism was soon replaced by great confidence and faith because I saw how much better I felt over time. It’s hard for me to describe all the transformation I experienced, Conny did a miracle. I started to love life, to love myself. Not only me but all the people around me have seen the change in me, that I radiate positivity, that I change myself. I cannot say that the path was easy, neither short nor that it’s complete, but created desire and persistence is much stronger....

- Katarina Devcic Kitrica, Croatia

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Connect with your intuition and receive angelic guidance

in just 4 weeks!

On a journey towards deeper spiritual connection, emotional balance, and meaningful life insights:

  • Develop a profound connection with guiding angels and higher energies.
  • Attain emotional well-being and balance through angelic healing techniques.
  • Gain clarity, purpose, and insights for decision-making through card readings.
  • Strengthen your intuition, psychic abilities, and third-eye connection.
  • Empower yourself to read angel cards for various life situations confidently.
  • Access a range of card spreads for diverse insights and guidance.
  • Acquire bonus lessons on overcoming obstacles and creating custom cards.

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To Be a Successful Angelic Oracle Card Reader, You DO NOT Need:

  • To be a guru or medium
  • To have previous experience in healing practices
  • To be born psychic
  • To have years of meditation to develop intuition or psychic abilities
  • To learn hours and hours per day, 15 minutes is enough


Conny Petö Đeneš

Have you ever tried to connect with your angels and spirit guides, and you haven’t felt the connection? Did you ever ask for guidance and you haven’t received any messages?

Did you ever attend to courses without any relevant information and techniques, or with incomplete information? Teachings without real guidance?

Have you ever tried healing techniques but haven’t experienced results?

You do not need to be dependent on a guru or medium to receive angelic messages and healings. You just need to learn how to open up your receptors for angelic realms and how to tune into Divine frequency. It is necessary to become authentic, develop uniqueness and intuition, and follow your inner guide. Let me be your personal mentor and I'll show you everything I know about angelic healing, and angel card reading.

24/7 Lifetime Access. Work at Your Own Pace.

By the End of the Course

  • You will rise your vibration and be transformed on a cellular level.
  • You will know how to easily connect with the Divine and angelic realms.
  • You will be able to receive direct angel messages, guidance, and inspiration using Angelic Cards as a trigger.
  • You will have not only deepened your connection with the angelic realm but also transformed your life by embracing your intuitive gifts, finding emotional harmony, and confidently embracing your role as an angel card reader.
  • This course empowers you to navigate life's challenges, make informed decisions, and provide insightful guidance for yourself and others.

Join me on this soul-enriching journey, and let the whispers of the angels guide you toward a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

When you join me on a journey toward deeper spiritual connection, emotional balance, and meaningful life insights,

You’ll Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1: Awakening the Soul Connection

1. Welcome to Guided by Angels

2. Understanding the Angelic Realm:

  • Introduction to guiding angels and their role in our lives.
  • Discovering the purpose of angel card reading in spiritual growth.

3. Cultivating Receptivity:

  • Overcoming skepticism and doubt to embrace angelic messages.
  • Nurturing a receptive mindset for intuitive insights.

4. Developing Your Intuitive Skills & Psychic Abilities:

  • Exploring different intuitive abilities and understanding psychic senses.
  • Exercise to enhance your intuitive and psychic faculties.

5. Buying angelic cards

Module 2: Navigating Life's Transitions

1. Third Eye Awakening Guided Meditation:

  • Guided meditation to activate and awaken your third eye chakra.

2. Invoking Methods:

  • Techniques to invoke angelic presence and guidance effectively.
  • Creating a sacred space for angelic card readings.

3. Angel Card Reader Activation, Guided Meditation:

  • Meditation to activate your role as an angel card reader.
  • Receiving blessings and attunements from the angelic realm.

4. Preparing for Angelic Card Reading:

  • Setting intentions and connecting with your angels before readings.
  • Clearing your energy and creating a conducive environment.

Module 3: Types of Angel Card Readings

1. Intuitive Card Reading:

  • Purpose of Angel Card Reading
  • Exploring intuitive reading and its significance in angel card divination.
  • Developing Your Intuitive Skills & Psychic Abilities Lesson
  • Developing Your Intuitive Skills & Psychic Abilities Meditation

2. Different Card Spreads:

  • 1 Card Spread: Quick insights for daily guidance.
  • 2 Cards Spread: Diving deeper into a situation or decision.
  • 3 Cards Spread: Past, present, future insights.
  • 5 Cards Spread: In-depth exploration of a topic.
  • Celtic Cross Spread: Comprehensive reading for complex issues.

3. Specialized Readings:

  • Healing Reading: Using cards for emotional and spiritual healing.
  • Soul Purpose Reading: Discovering your life's true purpose.
  • Love – Relationship Reading: Insights into romantic relationships.
  • Job – Money Reading: Guidance on career and finances.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Reading: Planning and foresight.
  • Animal Reading: Receive guidance for your pets and wild animal friends.

Module 4: Becoming an Empowered Angel Card Reader

1. Yes and No Questions:

  • Techniques to ask clear and effective yes/no questions.

2. Overcoming Obstacles & Blocks in Card Readings:

  • Bonus lesson on dealing with challenges and doubts in your readings.

3. Creating Your Own Deck of Cards:

  • Bonus lesson on creating your own angel card deck.

4. 33 Days Challenge + Certification

5. More Bonuses

  • Value Your Uniqueness and Embrace Your Truth with the Help of Archangel Uriel, Healing Guided Meditation
  • Find Your Island of Peace With the Help of Archangel Gabriel, Healing Guided Meditation - BONUS
  • Guardian Angel Protection, Healing Guided Meditation


In my "Guided by Angels" course

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Promotional Price: €99

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The author of the course assumes no responsibility for your actions and how you use the information within this course. The author is not giving medical, psychological, or any kind of counseling advice. The author only offers information of a general nature to help you find your own way to improve your emotional and spiritual well-being and learn some healing techniques.

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